Tedious Grind, Begone!

Easy to Use, Easy to Make, Easy to Share
Support Nox, MEmu, BlueStacks, LDPlayer, HiroMacro, Robotmon, Ankulua, AutoTouch
Apply scripts automatically
no more edit script files manually
Output to any resolution
69x69? Yes!
Huge collection yet of macroes
made by other users. Browse
Great Support
Made by yours truly
with 6...months of experience
Open Source
Completely open source
Check Github
Manage individual action easily
copy, delete, move?
Custom Action
Group actions together
Reuse custom action on any macroes
Randomize every action
A slightly different macro each time
Congratulation, Here's some Cookies ×
Congratulation, Here's some Ice Cream ×
Congratulation, Here's some Candy ×
Congratulation, You've acquired a familiar... a Cat ×
Congratulation, You've acquired a familiar... a Dragon ×
Congratulation, You've acquired a familiar... a Frog ×
Hahaha You fool, I now have taken over your computer. All your little dirty secret will now be exposed ×
Oh No, It's a trap. You now have been cursed, an army of cat will cuddle you to dead ×
Congratulation, Here are some pride and accomplishment ×

Another Eden Support

Completely rewritten the AEMG App

  • Fully customize Battle
  • Tweak easily with EMM
  • AF Anywhere
  • Food Anywhere
  • More to come...
April 5th, 2021: